Client Service and Support

The best documents are the result of ongoing, clear, and prompt communication with our clients. This includes listening to their project description, goals, and major concerns; attending important in-house meetings and following project updates; valuing the timeframe involved; and planning ahead for the special circumstances that often arise. We acknowledge that no two projects are ever quite the same. Call us or send us your project outline or document to review. We will provide a free cost estimate within 48 hours after evaluating your needs and talking with you or your team. We welcome clients from the international community. If you are a research or clinical professional and your first language is not English, you will be treated with respect.

Writing Excellence

Professional science and medical writing should reflect a passion for science, a high level of training and continuing education to maintain standards of biomedical education, constant honing and review of writing and editing skills, and upgrading with new computer and telecommunications technologies. Annual attendance at important national meetings and frequent attendance at professional workshops in medical writing and regulatory document preparation are just some of the ways that our services reflect our commitment to quality writing and educational content in biomedicine.


We respect your comfort level and demand for the highest level of confidentiality. When you submit a document or data set to our website, a very limited number of individuals will have access to it. Manta Scientific is a secure environment that does not have a high traffic volume with unauthorized persons. Our website is maintained by computer programming professionals that are highly experienced in website maintenance and security.

Scientific Ethics

Manta Scientific has the utmost respect for ethics in the practice of science and believes that a high level of responsibility should accompany the truthful communication of science. We will never conspire to misrepresent data, forge documents, disrespect client confidentiality, release patient medical history data, or distribute any privacy data related to our clients.


A portion of annual company profits will be donated to charities working directly toward improving health care, extending medical treatment to needy persons, and research involving  cancers and disorders of the human reproductive system. In special cases we will provide pro bono work for grass roots groups that wish to actively promote awareness or fundraising for underfunded medical conditions; this includes the “orphan diseases”, each of which affects fewer than 200,000 Americans per year.